Oversized Round Coffee Table

Round tables are usually very simple and they don’t even have legs. Still, this doesn’t mean they are unsafe for your home. In fact, they may even be design features of a room instead of being as elegant and as beautiful as the main furniture pieces that every home needs. Round coffee tables are usually […]

Bocci Light Box Design

Designer Rui Grazina has really impressed us with her unusual and very interesting bocci light box design. This beautiful light box is made of cardboard. Due to her unique and unusual design, you can use it as a decorative box in any room or living room. It will not stay on your wall, but the […]

Gray And White Kitchen Backsplash Idea

In the kitchen there’s not much room for decorative elements so these headboard and framed mirrors work perfect. The idea is to have a neutral headboard with simple border and a neutral color such as white, beige or something cream. Then there’s also the option of having framed mirrors which are not as eye-catching as […]

Italian Lamps By The Godfather

The Italian designer Gio Ponti’s house is an architectural wonder. The living room has no doubt about how high the ceiling can go. Everyone wants to have just a normal living room, but with all the furniture those inside will feel like crazy beings. With an astonishing ceiling and 8 beds, two dinning suits, four […]

Cool Big Houses With Incredible Architecture

Architectural designs are always intriguing. Whether you’re only working with small rooms or you decide to add a big one to your own home, there’s no better place for it, especially when you actually have a lot of interesting to take inspiration from. An architecturally-designed house will always look breathtaking and will offer great architectural […]

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