Big Lamps For Living Room

As the big and Sunday seems to occupy one of the most important places in the house, with houses with ceilings of perhaps 2500 sq.ft. , it seems important to have big lamps for the rooms of your house. It is a habit of many of us to switch from one light to another. They […]

Elegant Halloween Decorating Ideas

Hallways, hallways, foyers and other similar spaces need to be decorated according to each individual’s needs and preferences. It’s difficult to find the right décor for a hallway and if there’s not enough space in there you can improvise. Take for example this beautiful example. It’s a very elegant hallway and the furniture placed in […]

Luxury Yurts, Two Structures With Stone Walls

Located in Turencien, Germany, this complex is the most spacious stone structure in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s a two-storey structure that now also includes its own patio. It was constructed by Autoban in 2010 and the construction was indeed an eventful mixture of natural elements, modern additions and old. The building mixes old […]

Objects That Bring Good Luck

It is a well known fact that superstitions can be explained by man. Even if we have no clue about the reasons why this habit is born, we still tend to regard it as a good thing. superstitions can be explanation for a lot of things, among which the luck of something poor, lesser or […]

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