25 Square Meters To Feet Cubes

The Japanese architecture firm Architects Office created this apartment building in Hiroshima, Japan in 2010 for a young husband and wife. It was a challenging project, due to the building’s small size. To create space, the architects thought of using the lack of space of the neighboring apartment to their advantage. As a result, they […]

Rustic Modern Design

If you love the simple things in life, but you are not a fan of the opulent features, this house definitely has a place to show its personality. This rustic modern design was created by the interior of a riverside property in Northern Maine, United States. Secluded and remote, this house employs all of the […]

Outdoor Wood Flooring By By By Paul Toiris

Brendan Kwinter and Paul Toiris have created a very interesting and unexpected design for the flooring they’re using in their Hoopers House and Neckus House. The two architects worked together and managed to come up with this unusual design. The house is situated in a clearing in DeuCosy, Belgium and the interior is entirely built […]

Japanese Floor Plan

The Jain series by Jain is one of the latest trends in interiors. Jain is a very innovative series of seating furniture that was designed with a large emphasis on comfort and the court. The seating is very sturdy and graceful but also quite rugged. The concept is quite appealing and a little intimidating because […]

Small Urinal By Eleek

A limited edition event from Copenhagen Design Week was just presented this year at the Danish Design Accreditation 2008. The award for best small bathroom in the magazine was given to a series of mosaic mirrors which used an extremely innovative method of glazing. The innovative technique of glazed glass represents the “sweet tooth” of […]

Penthouses Nyc2 In Athens

These beautiful apartments are located in Tafhel, an area of Athens, Greece. The apartments occupy 26 square meters on two floors and boast a contemporary and modern design. Each apartment has bright interior decors that have as a focal point the swimming pool. Even though the interior designs of these apartments are very simple, the […]

Wooden Cat Bed By Jerohenachdesign

Even though cats are technically cute and look like little creatures, they can also be very happy and adopt a pretty specific image. They enjoy small conversations and you can tell that the cat actually wants to stay there. In fact, they don’t even change their bed. Cats like to stay outside. They like to […]

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