Wood Look Concrete House In Quebec

Le Pine is a home located in Cap-d’Oper, Quebec, Canada. It was built in 2012 and it was designed by Mu Architecture. The building covers an area of 1,830 square feet and it impresses on multiple levels, one of which includes its outdoor areas. The exterior is sleek and sophisticated and the interior is bright […]

Sea Glass Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Just because a building is old doesn’t mean it can’t be modern. There are some elements I’m unsure about, such as water stains from the glass and rustic exterior, and I’m sure they could all be solved with more ancient materials. However, there is one aspect that all of this somehow creates a connection with […]

Black And White Modern Living Room

Living rooms in any home are usually very simple and strictly functional but that doesn’t make them boring. There are some elements that give personality to the room and the designers also try to make the décor look unique and spectacular. One of them is the color palette. A black and white combination is the […]

Bocci Light Box Design

Designer Rui Grazina has really impressed us with her unusual and very interesting bocci light box design. This beautiful light box is made of cardboard. Due to her unique and unusual design, you can use it as a decorative box in any room or living room. It will not stay on your wall, but the […]

Bathroom Sink Consoles From Tumide

Bathroom sinks are usually made from a variety of materials that can be either made of stone or wood. The most common one is granite and it’s usually used for accessories like towel rails, hisha convenience or bath racks. However, this is not the only option. Tumide offers you the opportunity to choose a marble […]

Cool Bathrooms Designs From Cerasa

A lot of people wouldn’t say no to a beautiful bathroom. With a few careful planning and attention to details, even the smallest of bathrooms can look stunning. The possibilities are very generous. For example, living in an apartment or even an open space can be a lot of fun. You get to have access […]

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