Pale Wood Paneling And Warm Wooden Surfaces

The house, designed by MARTAN / VAR/RÖR, is located in São Sebastião, Portugal. The house is very warm and subtle, and the predominant colors are Woods and Quotes, in combination with White Wood. The Furniture, in general, was meant to be very simple and modest, just like this: in composition, so that parts do not […]

Contemporary Wainscoting In Manchester

Wainscoting is fun, everyone can get in on the “swinginess of it”, even the tired cave-like structures they create inside the house. However, very few manage to translate this fun feeling into real life. Unless of course, everyone is capable of incorporating it into their home, a lot like this Residence In Skye Park by […]

Wood Living Room Furniture Set

Living room furniture is always a challenge. You can spend a lot of time talking and planning all the little details to get the furniture where you want it to be and you don’t know what to do exactly. That’s the beauty of a living room. Today we’re here and we present you the Wood […]

Most Luxurious Private Jet Interiors

Most luxurious private jet interiors have some style to offer, if you want some more privacy or style. Your interiors could be decorated and adorned by some contemporary sophisticated resort style resort style hotel situated in the middle of your boat sailing on your driftwood island. Designed by one of Europe’s most awarded and prestigious […]

Armani Home In Zagreb By Dva Arhitekta D.o.o

This stunning home is located in Zagreb, Croatia. It was designed by Dva Arhitekta d.o.o in 2015 and covers an area of 5,603 square feet. Armani House in Zagreb by Dva Arhitekta d.o.o: “Zagreb is a mostly residential city with a characteristic urban typology, where many work from locals… Despite the urban interests and the […]

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