Japan Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is an important space in any home. It is the second place where the family spends time as cooking and many things need to be done around the house. There are many kitchen ideas which you can choose from. However, it is very hard to design a kitchen especially when the other rooms of […]

Rustic Home Exterior To Modern Japan

This is a rare but very beautiful rustic house located in northwestern Japan. The house was a project by Alphaville Architects created in collaboration with Junichiro Furada Architects. It’s a very beautiful and inviting house with a simple rustic exterior and a modern and elegant interior. The interior of the house is warm and cozy. […]

Wood Sinks With Ornate Rustic Design

Some people like things simple and classy, others like a little bit more drama and some like to use things carefully and to choose the style. In that case they opt for more ornate designs, more elaborate or elaborate ones. A wooden sink is exactly what a stylish and ornate bathroom sink is but let’s […]

25 Square Meters To Feet Cubes

The Japanese architecture firm Architects Office created this apartment building in Hiroshima, Japan in 2010 for a young husband and wife. It was a challenging project, due to the building’s small size. To create space, the architects thought of using the lack of space of the neighboring apartment to their advantage. As a result, they […]

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