Photo Display Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are extremely useful and practical in the kitchen. They allow you to store and display items beautifully and there’s also the possibility to cleverly organize everything according to purpose and to take only items that are useful and in some cases beautiful. The shelves are particularly useful in corners. They allow you to […]

Gazebos With Baroque And Gazebo Designs

The Gazebos II is a private home located in Yzerfjell, The Netherlands. It was designed by Holly Merenda as project architect and lead architect in collaboration with Liong Angelo Bauwini and Steimle Alois. With a unique design, the home is filled with different configurations of space, contributing to its design’s personality. The first colouring of […]

Hammock Rocker

Rocking rocking is a very popular outdoor activity that many people like. It is a beautiful and relaxing pattern and also one of the most beautiful and relaxing patterns. Rocking is a great way of getting a dynamic look as well as of simply relaxing a natural instinct just by rocking.The mahogany boards used to […]

Garden Benches Metal Hammock

One of the best things about having a outdoor space is that you can enjoy the beautiful weather outside while relaxing and enjoying the company there. However, such spaces are not always perfect. There are cases when the garden is just a few kilometers away and the surrounding landscape is not so inviting. In that […]

Tall Floor Lamps For Living Room

A person’s mood in life depends on many factors that include the space, the views, the furniture and the items around them, etc. But there are some constants that need to be considered. For example, if you want to maximize your space you need to think vertically. So the next time you’re living with a […]

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