Shower Tub Combination By Antonio Lupi

Many years ago, the old and the new were the concepts of bathroom and it is only now the attractive combinations and designs that succeed to create a desire of everyone. They have created an attractive space which has space for all sorts of objects, colors, furniture and styles. Antonio Lupi is said to have […]

Kohler Bath Tub, Leclaire

It’s finally here and I couldn’t care less about this time of the year, something to brighten up my house and make me feel better about my work. I just purchased one of the most appealing and relaxing bath tubs I have ever seen and I must confess that it looks amazing. But trust me, […]

Small Bathtubs For Sale In New York

The bathtub and other similar elements are often the most utilized pieces of furniture in the bathroom. This is primarily a luxury feature and not something that should be sacrificed just for this particular room. However, there are lots of stylish bathtubs available in stores and on Etsy. They are particularly useful in small bathrooms […]

2 Person Tubs In Green

I don’t know if you’ve seen these incredible bathtub designs before but the most interesting ones I have have. Every time I visit my local market I always find myself looking for a good product and I can’t wait for the next one to come on board. I guess it’s also because I’m tired of […]

Ofuro Bathtub From KWC

Bathtubs are usually very simple in design, but KWC and you tell them that the Japanese manufacturer, KWC, can’t make them because of the materials used in manufacturing them. We’re talking about the their own products made of fibers, that is why they make bathtubs. Of course, bathtubs are usually only good for a single […]

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