Basement Idea Photos By Rogerseller

For those who lovephotos, they are an indispensable item in every house and they are not just for offices, too. For those who would like to add color and print to your walls, for those who travel a lot, here it is an interesting idea. It is a collection of photos that cover a basement. […]

Storage Container Cabinetry For The Bedroom

For the kids’ room there’s always something fun to play and storage containers is always a good idea. You can buy them some small storage containers and customize them using acrylic paint or you can use them as pencil holders. We found a wonderful series of containers called Hollywood glamour and it’s called Prestige. The […]

Indoor Wooden Bench With Back To Toes Storage

For the kids living in the house or for the adults sometimes we need to keep storage spaces open and accessible. Still, this doesn’t mean that the furniture has to be very bulky and with no distinguisha, small and efficient space in the selection. This is a bench designed by Artikmon which offers plenty of […]

Contemporary Dining Tables With Glass Tops

Nowadays everyone is looking for more color and flexibility. There are a lot of different types of dining tables. People choose to have all sorts of designs. Some are designed with curves, some with simple and classical lines and others made from wood. But there’s also another category that features more modern and elegant models. […]

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