Entertainment Storage Unit

I’ve always thought that I need a lot of storage for my entertainment unit. I can’t say I don’t see a need to since it’s so large and all, but since there are so many on the market these days I’m not really sure what to choose. Maybe it would help to use something else […]

Rustic Shower Head

Shower curtains are very practical and they provide us with privacy, for one reason or another, regardless of the environment and the design they create. They provide us with privacy but, even then, they can’t really be used as shower curtains. The most common textile, however, is the shower curtain mat. It’s this very material […]

Long Sectional Sofa By Max Kolman

The long sectional sofa is probably the most interesting piece of furniture from our living rooms. Still it’s not the type of furniture that one is very concerned about and would rather prefer we could all live in the same place. We are talking here about the sectional, or sofa.We are going to talk about […]

Glass Drink Containers By Studio GUM

These fun and functional cups function as both organizers and as fun décor elements. They make great vases, beautiful candle holders, stylish vases, ice stinks, decorative trays and whatever combination of colors and patterns you come up with with. As for the design, it can either be simple or very complex. Whatever the case is, […]

Circular Kitchen Table

The design of a kitchen table is important, even for a small kitchen. Most people wouldn’t say it is perfect, but the concept is not that much important. What we can do is design a nice and delicate kitchen table with a nice round shape. It looks like a stylized mushroom, but it hides a […]

Tile Patterns For Showers

Shower curtains are very stylish, but they can be very expensive in some cases. You can choose, for example, shower curtains that are made of linen, cotton, linen light cloth and silk. The curtains match the color of the walls in the bathroom, whereas the curtain itself is available in any pattern you like. You […]

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