Animal Lights By Atelier Oslo

When you have kids it’s easy to create delicate and artistic decors. When you don’t have a big family to worry about you work more hours focused on encouraging them to do their own thing. So it’s a great opportunity to work with animals. Kids are crazy about animals and love trains, so you could […]

Meijer Lamps By Peter Segal

As I’ve said numerous times before, the most important criterion for choosing a lamp for a room is lighting. However, that only applies to light that you wish to place on the ceiling or even on a wall, especially if the room serves more than one purpose and you expect it to be a bright […]

Unique Sconces Collection From Linea Italia

The sconces were designed by Linea Italia and they’re an important part of their charm. The collection is composed of a series of traditional sconces that share the same style. They feature ornate designs and shiny gold bases that stand for a unique dramatic effect. You can admire those details in these glamorous designs. Another […]

Decorative Pipe Lights By Ege Latex

Decorative pipe lights were invented by Ege latex, a company that has created some really stunning and creative decorative lighting devices. Today we can find options of all shapes and sizes. A cute little light for your kitchen or your bedroom door, there are a lot of different types and models of decorative pipe lighting […]

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