Pool House Designs Plans By POTT

Pool house can be a very useful structure especially in exceptional cases like during the winter month. It provides a warm and private space for the guests to stay with and where the users can enjoy beautiful views and plenty of natural light. This pool house designed by POTT may not look very impressive or […]

Homes Built Into Hills To Provide Privacy

It’s not very pleasant to walk on hard but the views are important. Architects and their projects are designed to take advantage of the environment and everything surrounding them, not to try to hide features that would be incomplete, but preserve the original and unique features. That’s what the owners of this residence in Valle […]

Eco Houses By VPS – Floating House

The Floating house is an experiment by VPS, an architecture and design practice based in Amsterdam. Originally, the designers set foot within the Amsterdam Central Building as part of the first floating house builds. The house is located outside the Amsterdam Central Building and spans an area of 2965 square meters. The structure was built […]

Luxury Home Design In Australia

As a guest, you can’t overlook the true beauty of a beautiful and luxurious hotel. So, why not have a piece of luxury in your home and enjoy it and feel amazing being there, in the company of your family. This modern and elegant $3 million house got his “nest” in a very beautiful location. […]

Luxury Beachfront Homes In Canford Cliffs

We all dream about living in luxurious homes, but dreaming about all that luxury. Well, we’re not talking only about the houses. There are a lot of very beautiful beachfront homes to choose from but also about the picturesque coastline, beaches and views. Now, we have the opportunity to bring you one in the pictures. […]

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