Hotspot Houses By Sebastián Irarráz

These trendy homes are ready to spruce up the biouse in your living room – there’s no better way to do it than with some modern flair, and the fire place blends right in the home. The terrace turned into a guest house was designed by Architects Sebastián Irarráz, and it’s perfect for housing visiting […]

Relief Tiles By Tirmro Vitac LLC

For a city apartment, the living room is probably the most important area. It’s where the inhabitants spend most of their free time, mainly because it’s almost like a living room, except for the TVs and sofas. If you have a modern and spacious living room, here’s something you might find useful and fun to […]

Wooden Tree House In The Forest

This modern home was designed to replace the old tree house. There weren’t any big changes in structure either. The reason for that was the location. The house is situated in a clearing between the forest and the glade of the valley that is visible from the street. The owners decided to consolidate the house […]

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