Storage Cube Units

When you think of a storage unit, there is usually only enough space inside for you and for accessories such as a bookcase, some decorative pieces, a bunch of extra pillows, some books, a bunch of potted plants or the blanket you’ve always wanted to hang. And if there’s no more available space, you either […]

Country Style Dining Chairs By Marburg

Dining chairs are usually perceived as being merely decorative, although there are plenty of such pieces around the house. However, these are definitely not the way to go. Designers Marburg and O’Neill have chosen to celebrate the beauty and simplicity of classical dining chairs and to offer a contemporary alternative to the traditional wedding chairs. […]

Images Of Painted Kitchen Cabinets By Elitis USA

Designed by New York based designer Elitis USA, the Kitchen Cabinetry Design is the perfect modern kitchen layout. Designed for architects and designers and the picture below shows how you can change the cabinet visibility and placement between and cabinets. Either way, the effect is airy and minimalist – which is what most kitchen cabinets […]

Spirit Cabinet

When it comes to furniture there are some items that are really necessary for certain types of activities like watching television, staying healthy or getting a new sleep at night. I mean, the sofa near the TV set can’t be for nothing. However, that is why people should make their own furniture, which is really […]

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