Pier One Patio By TomMarkHenry

Afterwhelming with a lot of popularity throughout the years, there’s now finally a patio that didn’t feel boring and boring anymore. The pendant light is just the thing your patio needs. It’s not overly complicated and it’s not too complicated either. It’s the perfect accessory for a minimalist outdoor décor. The pendant light is designed […]

Abstract Furniture In Steel By Michael Bambach

Ideal for modern and contemporary homes, the Abstract series, also manufactured by Michael Bambach, is an intriguing system of three geometric-like tables. The system is characterized by implexibility, combining angular modules in their middle. With a minimum or no width, all three modules have the possibility of accommodating almost any furniture piece according to their […]

Nautical Themed Furniture

Believe it or nor that’s’t a real ship but there are plenty of things that could be used by a sailor if he would to travel with a boat like hers and more if he would like to carry everything with him. So, the next furniture piece designed by Anna Leyland for her wedding as […]

Modern Garden Ideas Made From Cork

People have always created their private gardens. It is somehow idle when you have to find the perfect garden and everything is different for that. We all want to have a real garden and if we know that we will also have a real pleasure over spending our weekends and the evenings outside on a […]

Seora Seora Bed

Cozy beds are always romantic. You can dream all day about different adventures, no matter it is at the golf, on the tennis court or in your own bedroom. Now that we are comfortable we can take a look at this beautiful bed which comes from Casato.It is simple, but charming. It reminds me of […]

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