Contemporary Dining Tables With Glass Tops

Nowadays everyone is looking for more color and flexibility. There are a lot of different types of dining tables. People choose to have all sorts of designs. Some are designed with curves, some with simple and classical lines and others made from wood. But there’s also another category that features more modern and elegant models. […]

Pottery Barn Benchwright Table By Andrew Myers

Created by Andrew Myers, the charming and unique benchRight chair has a strange look and an ingenious and creative design. The bench has the form composed of four long triangles attached to a short section of the rectangular panel. It’s tight and delicate, both inside and outside. A series of different angles and fin-like accessories […]

Bathtub Silhouette From Artistic Tile

Bathtubs have evolved very rapidly over the years with various technological apparatuses. What was once a simple showerhead has now become the centerpiece of household life. This bathtub style silhouette from Artistic Tile takes bathroom luxury to a whole new level. The Artistic Tile bathroom collection features a bathtub with a distinct and standout twist. […]

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