Cottage House Interior Renovation

This cozy 3-room flat was remodeled by Taking Over The Space with the help of 3 designer bloggers and angel fairy. The idea behind this project was to create a space where three generations could come together and have fun together. The flat was small and quite large, quite narrow but also spacious. Shutting off […]

What Color Carpet Goes With Blue Walls

Blue is one of the most relaxing colors, usually because of the association with water. There’s something quite exotic about this color and this is why it’s often used with exotic references. Extreme variations and combinations can be created using blue only in interior design. For example, another possibility can be considered a neutral color […]

Man Bedroom With A Strong Personality

The man bedroom is mainly composed of clothing and accessories, furniture especially manson to stand out in an elegant way, but somehow also somewhat interesting and original. This is mostly true because a man needs to feel comfortable in his home, to be able to receive his friends and to be transported to a new […]

Red Room Decor With A Retro Feel

It’s very common for vintage-looking furniture to be part of a contemporary décor. It’s true that these furniture pieces tend to get overlooked, along with modern and contemporary furniture. However, there is one piece of furniture that prevails out of all these categories: the sofa. So it’s not just the sofa that stands out but […]

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