Powder Room Images

powder rooms or bathroom make of the bathroom very fashionable and beautiful. For those who love their bath/shower with all the things in it,powder rooms are a very good and elegant idea. A powder room may be a multipurpose space which also includes but is also used as a bedroom for the holyday retreat. People […]

Carbon Fiber Bathtub From Altea

Bathtubs nowadays are mainly designed to be very comfortable, pleasant, relaxing and comfortable. People prefer different types of bathtubs made of various materials that they can self- contract. However, some of the most appreciated designers were Antonio Lupi, who designed these modern beds. Altea is one of the companies which you can find also offering […]

Tones Of Blue By Etsy Magic

How lovely would it be to wake up in the morning and to see a blue sky. That’s exactly the dream that this spectacular dream has become one of our dreams. If for some reason we could possibly replicate this feeling in our own homes, how would that sound the most? Perhaps we could create […]

Teal Accent Decor With Stripes

One of the most common and loved in the interior décor world is the association between patterns and colors. It’s mostly because it’s such a common and versatile material. However, stripes, if they can be used with sophisticated flair and obtain a strong effect, it’s even better. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

Tones Of Blue By Lorino & Claus

lilBlue is a collection of modern bathroom accessories designed by Lorino & Claus. The collection is called Twin, a name that expresses two-sided.The shades of blue in this collection come from the ancient sea-sails of this region. These pieces of furniture come not only from Lorino but also from an Italian based collection.The main structure […]

Cool Lighter Designs To Consider

Lamps are useful accessories for the home and a great alternative to the table or a floor lamp. They lighten up the décor and they are also useful when you have kids. When you have kids you just want to make their room cool and comfortable so there to clean up. There are many different […]

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