How Big Is 30 Square Feet For A Single Person?

We’ve all been there before: a young couple move in a tiny apartment and there’s a lot of stuff going on, like a big mess between boxes, boxes cookies, bills, everything. But what about those tiny personal details that prevent you from always being comfortable inside some objects? To solve this?ugly annoying problem, you could […]

Kitchen With Island Layout – Look Like

This is a look we’ve been anticipating and that will continue to inspire us to redesign our kitchens ever so professionally. We’ve been guarding this now for a long time and we though it might be difficult, if it weren’t for its price. Anyway, if you don’t want to buy the cabinet maker and now […]

100 Sq.foot Apartment For A Single Woman

When you say “home” you usually imagine a familiar white façade with a beautiful roof and a rooftop terrace. But this three-storey apartment is a different story. This is a 100 square feet apartment for a single woman, a spin on the rule. Located in the beautiful city ofBuenos Aires, Argentina, this apartment was designed […]

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