Hakatai Tiles By H3 + H3+

Kasir Bay’s men’s hairdresser and interior designer Håk-Héctor Katchioni of “Hölla Theatte” , Sweden, has “hakatai” that is half green and half white. From the drawer of the hanger, which resembles a small nest with round ends and ends, it shapes up to store all the things he designs and they all take space. Of […]

Courtyard House Design By Atelier Oslo

Jager House is a private residence located in Aarhus and designed by Atelier Oslo. The home’s simplicity is reflected in its simple design, though still copiously obvious. Jager House by Atelier Oslo: “A young family set on growing summer farms – in the South of Denmark – planned long lines of desks in their glassed-in […]

Submerged Fire Pit By Steve Shaheen

Contrary to the common belief, fire pits are not very common in Canada and for good reason. Canada is home to a multitude of traditional fire pits, some of which date back to the late 19th century and some still in use. It’s also the location that is in great need of major attention. The […]

Diy Bar Counters

I’ve always liked parties. We go out in the evening, relax in a bar and there are some invited by a very beautiful light, some symbols of the Orient or Asia. Any way, I have to admit a great cuisine combined with a very nice atmosphere and fun times I can spend with my family […]

Circular Homes For Unusual Lovers

The circular house is the smallest and most common of all modern homes. It consists of two undulating and rectangular sections that are linked together by an axis. The homes are designed by architect Jonathan Olivares who in collaboration with the owners created some of the original works as well as the appliances and fixtures. […]

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas By Scavolini

Outdoor kitchen, just like any other kind of kitchen, is usually part of an open floor plan or shares the same floor plan. This means that the kitchen shares the same type of furniture and the décor is similar as well. However, if the kitchen is spacious enough, a small balcony could be just the […]

Gazebos With Baroque And Gazebo Designs

The Gazebos II is a private home located in Yzerfjell, The Netherlands. It was designed by Holly Merenda as project architect and lead architect in collaboration with Liong Angelo Bauwini and Steimle Alois. With a unique design, the home is filled with different configurations of space, contributing to its design’s personality. The first colouring of […]

Basement Mini Baroque By Antonio Lupi

Mini-trying to use the space in more positive way, in the case of a child, an unexpected element from the bottom of the attic became the main element of the room’s design. When decorating with kids in mind, the mini-trying to take advantage of the space can be frustrating because a number of things have […]

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