Toronto Stairs Transformed Into A Gallery

The owner of this loft apartment from Toronto, Canada really liked the old building that it kept and wanted to transform it into a large home with a contemporary design. The transformation was done by Sanosky Design and the strategy was to completely redesign the building. In order to achieve that, the designers had to […]

Designer Toilet And Shower In One, For $4700

Japanese architects from studio Schemata are responsible for one of the most beautiful and most interesting toilet designs we’ve ever come across. This toilet was designed for the “Invisible System” in Japan as part of a project called “Tokonoma House” which calls for the replacement of a series of Japanese-inspired, invisible buildings in everyday life. […]

Arizona Style Homes From Mima

The term “arizona” usually refers to a Spanish word or language meaning “beautiful, “tranquil” or “angsty.” You would be surprised to find out that this word actually defines the architectural style originating in the northern areas of the Mediterranean. This specific style has, as expected, a direct reference to the traditional Portuguese architecture, but, in […]

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