Japanese Floor Plan

The Jain series by Jain is one of the latest trends in interiors. Jain is a very innovative series of seating furniture that was designed with a large emphasis on comfort and the court. The seating is very sturdy and graceful but also quite rugged. The concept is quite appealing and a little intimidating because […]

Jean Chair By Studio Job

The jean chair is also called a sofa. At first it was a popular piece of furniture in the 1930’s andiven any room with its delicate armrests and steel frame which together with the wooden structure make it a strong and comfortable piece of furniture. Designer Studio Job was in charge of the redesign of […]

Jean Chair By A Joyfulriot

A refreshing change of color for a dull and boring space is the change of color designed as a new color for a more fun piece of furniture. The jean chair designed by A Joyfulriot is an elegant and joyful chair designed for happy persons. It represents a simple piece of furniture with a dynamic […]

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