Bookcase Cubes

In a modern and crowded modern spaces the combination of furniture and stylistic forms is perfect. Casa Luna is one of those spaces. It was designed by Max Caspani, a talented designer from Denmark. Casa Luna is a kind of bookcase with book storage and exhibition spaces. The units were designed for modern and minimal […]

Modern Pantry Cabinet Designs For The Kitchen

Porcelanosa has today designed a series of minimalist pantry cabinets called Leicht, which stands out for the fact that its doors are transparent. This offers a better visualization of the contents of the pantry and allows you to change the size of the containers and to make your kitchen more practical and efficient. This sleek […]

Mirror For Bathroom Wall With A Mirror By Eleonora

It’s a new interpretation of the old mirror. Nowadays the mirror is much more than just a hardware that supports a vanity. It’s also a modern decoration and an eye-catching accessory no matter how modern and traditional it maybe located. Another interesting thing about mirror is that it’s available in lots and lots of different […]

Multi Colored Cabinets For The Kids Room

Kids are all pleos d of your furniture, so you’ve got to offer them a fun place to go. Now take a look at these colorful cabinets for the kids room. This collection is very colorful, especially if you have a kid or a big kid at the table or media room.It features a variety […]

Mirror With Built In Tv Stand In White & Neutral

Telescopic TV stands are not necessarily the utilitarian of vertical space, but they can also be used to provide some extra storage space. There are many variations of built-in tv stands designs that include built-ins, L-shaped units, bars, panels etc. Such variants are always interesting to analyze and comment when taking a look at a […]

Open Closet System By Rocker Pulley

Closets and closets were usually larger than they present today. Then they just had a spiral staircase, more like a traditional staircase that suited the area but that wasn’t really innovative and modern. Now there are simpler things to do. However, even though the days have changed and everybody was modern, this simpler thing still […]

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