Black White Gray Bedroom

People’s tastes and preferences are more excellently shaped than their taste or personality. For example I dream myself that way most of the time I think it’s nicer to have a comfortable bed than a chair or a lamp because I’m surrounded by technology and I like to sleep in it always. Then I imagine […]

Ideas For Room Dividers

“ dividers” is such a fun way to divide a room, but to be a functional piece of decor. My favourite place to put something like a desk, an ironing board and a file cabinet? I struggle to keep a straight line of people and visuals, all in the same place. And less is more, […]

Black And White Modern Living Room

Living rooms in any home are usually very simple and strictly functional but that doesn’t make them boring. There are some elements that give personality to the room and the designers also try to make the décor look unique and spectacular. One of them is the color palette. A black and white combination is the […]

Eco Houses By VPS – Floating House

The Floating house is an experiment by VPS, an architecture and design practice based in Amsterdam. Originally, the designers set foot within the Amsterdam Central Building as part of the first floating house builds. The house is located outside the Amsterdam Central Building and spans an area of 2965 square meters. The structure was built […]

Steam Shower Design, By Chulcher-Gorgou

The designers from Chulcher-Gorgou have created a great steam shower for your bathtub. They have created a colourful shower for those who want to change the ambiance and a convenient and modern steam shower for those who want to keep it classy and minimalist. The beautiful design features water flowing through a glass shower enclosure. […]

Vintage Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is one of the areas where a lot of little rooms get smaller and by that we mean that storage units are either completely unnecessary or function require special attention in the case of a bedroom. It’s not the best place to start such an elaborate renovation. In order to create a bedroom […]

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