Outdoor Covered Bar Set

No matter where you are, you might not have enough space for a bar. It’s probably why people prefer to have an outdoor bar, even though it’s indoors. If you’re worried that the bar would be difficult to decorate or that it might be too cold, there’s a very simple solution. It’s covered in a […]

Images Of Modern Houses By Ibarst Studio

Ibarst Studio is an international architectural studio known for its inclination towards minimalist and contemporary designs, always staying true to a client’s vision for a client’s dream. The studio works with mass-produced residential materials such as timber, plastic, PVC vinyl or steel. The architectural framing is softened with low-e wrapings and precision designed details. It […]

Kitchen Tiling Patterns By Shirin Design

Tiles are used for covering the floor or for covering the countertops. Sometimes tiles are just “peeling off” tiles or they are applied at the corners of the room. This technique is especially useful for small kitchens, like this one designed by Shirin Design.The delicate tiles look like raindrops that have been cut out of […]

Basement Idea Photos By Rogerseller

For those who lovephotos, they are an indispensable item in every house and they are not just for offices, too. For those who would like to add color and print to your walls, for those who travel a lot, here it is an interesting idea. It is a collection of photos that cover a basement. […]

Modern Outdoor Furnitures By Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown has made a name for himself as a handy and craftsman by creating many beautiful outdoor items. One of his latest projects is called “Modern Outdoor Furniture” which can be used for many outdoor projects. Thefts of the house can be found in cities of the Sharon, Sharon near Tel Aviv, Israel. They […]

Courtyard House Design By Atelier Oslo

Jager House is a private residence located in Aarhus and designed by Atelier Oslo. The home’s simplicity is reflected in its simple design, though still copiously obvious. Jager House by Atelier Oslo: “A young family set on growing summer farms – in the South of Denmark – planned long lines of desks in their glassed-in […]

Japan House Interior Design By Shamsudin Kerimov

Shamsudin Kerimov created this rustic style contemporary home in 2012 for a client located in Moscow Oblast, Russia. In order to create a sense of welcoming warmth in the living spaces, interior designer placed bamboo floors throughout and placed floor to ceiling shelves that float above the kitchen. The home is located in Moscow Oblast, […]

Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

While some would say that decorating the kitchen is rather important and impossible, we all have different ideas on how to achieve this objective. Still, these are general things that you have to be able to figure out yourself. Your needs and your own personal preferences may prevent a kitchen from being simple but this […]

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