Eco Houses By VPS – Floating House

The Floating house is an experiment by VPS, an architecture and design practice based in Amsterdam. Originally, the designers set foot within the Amsterdam Central Building as part of the first floating house builds. The house is located outside the Amsterdam Central Building and spans an area of 2965 square meters. The structure was built […]

Steam Shower Design, By Chulcher-Gorgou

The designers from Chulcher-Gorgou have created a great steam shower for your bathtub. They have created a colourful shower for those who want to change the ambiance and a convenient and modern steam shower for those who want to keep it classy and minimalist. The beautiful design features water flowing through a glass shower enclosure. […]

Vintage Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is one of the areas where a lot of little rooms get smaller and by that we mean that storage units are either completely unnecessary or function require special attention in the case of a bedroom. It’s not the best place to start such an elaborate renovation. In order to create a bedroom […]

Cabinet Designs For Kitchen

The kitchen is a space that needs to feel welcoming and warm, so it’s very important to provide as much interaction and storage space as possible, without too many decorations. That means that the furniture needs to be as functional or as small as possible, without too many details. In the case of a kitchen, […]

Relief Tiles By Tirmro Vitac LLC

For a city apartment, the living room is probably the most important area. It’s where the inhabitants spend most of their free time, mainly because it’s almost like a living room, except for the TVs and sofas. If you have a modern and spacious living room, here’s something you might find useful and fun to […]

Kitchen Tiling Patterns By Huarchitecture

If you’re familiar with bulletin boards then you probably already imagine these systems that are very practical for the kitchen but not that popular in the times of old times. Well, the designer of this innovation was inspired by the kitchen tiling systems and came up with this very ingenious and ingenious product. This system […]

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