Ideas For Room Dividers

“ dividers” is such a fun way to divide a room, but to be a functional piece of decor. My favourite place to put something like a desk, an ironing board and a file cabinet? I struggle to keep a straight line of people and visuals, all in the same place. And less is more, […]

Modern Luxury Apartment With A Modern Design

This is the MoutOM Interior designed Apartment, a contemporary residential project that covers a total area of 6,458 square feet. The project was completed in the year 2017 by the architects at Atelier Zündel Cristoph Amangán.Located in Gávee-Don Cunhada, Jungalowat, the third largest city in South Africa, this apartment is a stunning example of stylish […]

Round Bathtubs

Bathrooms are usually spacious and have an airy feel, but in some cases less space is available in the combination and for that , a round bathtub is a great solution. You may want to have a nice relaxing corner in your bathroom where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine in your hands, […]

Bathroom Tubs And Showers

Shower rooms and bathroom in general influence the décor and atmosphere of the bathroom in more than one way. One way of making them both special and harmonious is to use the furniture creatively. A bathroom needs to be airy and sleek and, if possible, it also should have an appealing color. In the case […]

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