Red Swimming Pool Of A Luxury Resort In Singapore

Singapore, also known as Singapore’s tropical paradise, is often a country originally built to serve the rich and famous. Lately, though, money has gotten to be the problem of this particularly place. Instead of keeping the building around useless, those who really wanted to build something more were convince to build something stylish and special. […]

Sunlight Sauna By Aeon Architecten

Sunrise, dawn and forever blue skies are one of the biggest attractions of the city. It is also the biggest source of inspiration for people to take care of nature and to keep a healthy creativity. One of the methods to do this is through the existence of a sunsurpipe. The Danish company Aeon Architecten […]

Sauna Shower Combination From Van Der Meilliter

Today’s inspired work is the Sauna shower unit from Van Der Meilliter. This unique combination bathroom design features a chic design with clean lines and a bold curved front. Available in a range of hot hues, the shower combines a slim silhouette with nature, creating a very functional and space-saving design. This innovative shower unit […]

2 Person Tubs In Green

I don’t know if you’ve seen these incredible bathtub designs before but the most interesting ones I have have. Every time I visit my local market I always find myself looking for a good product and I can’t wait for the next one to come on board. I guess it’s also because I’m tired of […]

Large Soaking Bathtubs By Ceramica Bardelli

In the past there has been a time when only the necessary things were being enumerated in terms of design and shape and every little corner had serious defects in terms of what were used for a bathroom. In the bathroom everyone knows how it should look like. There’s a period that mixes everything, where […]

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