House Barn Plans In Wine Country

Built in 2010, this unique family home sits on a site situated close to the wine port in Sonoma, California. It was built for two sisters and their spouses, so the size of the place is generous. The owners purchased an agricultural property belonging to their great-grandmother who would later retire. It was an old […]

A Frame House Design With A Rustic Feel

I’ve always liked modern homes, in general, with very large rooms and lots of unfinished walls. They are cold, not always productive, and that’s what most people try to avoid. However, there’s an alternative. You can have a modern-industrial interior design if you choose a simple and clean look and avoid any unnecessary elements or […]

Pool House Designs Plans By POTT

Pool house can be a very useful structure especially in exceptional cases like during the winter month. It provides a warm and private space for the guests to stay with and where the users can enjoy beautiful views and plenty of natural light. This pool house designed by POTT may not look very impressive or […]

A Frame Blueprints For A Home In Australia

This apartment has been designed by Emmawilliamson. It’s a very interesting and unique style. The style is different but very similar to that of a Georgian house. The architecture in that style is very beautiful. The overall design is a combination of traditional and modern elements. The whole décor is simple but the details are […]

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