Future House Design An Unique Environment

This house has a very unusual shape. It’s an expansion, a building that is not visible from the street unless you’re very far away. This is one of the major and perhaps the most ingenious designs that architects Bence Parker and David HartleBerry came up with. The house was designed in 2003 by Alfredo Häberli […]

Eco Houses In Berlin

Labeling some of the world’s most creative companies, hat company is no wonder why they’re so creative. It has been called the “arsvaless of creativity”. Since 2008 the Italian digital entrepreneurs, Mario Salotti and Federico H. Orze achieved a level of creativity shown in the photos. Not just Mario Salotti, but also famous names such […]

Eco Houses By VPS – Floating House

The Floating house is an experiment by VPS, an architecture and design practice based in Amsterdam. Originally, the designers set foot within the Amsterdam Central Building as part of the first floating house builds. The house is located outside the Amsterdam Central Building and spans an area of 2965 square meters. The structure was built […]

Indian House Design In Medellin, Colombia

Sometimes contemporary architecture is extremely simple, even a little bit austere. However, this gorgeous contemporary house is in reality a perfectly lovely and inviting place. Designed by Kevin Bauman Studio, this contemporary residence is located in the beautiful Medellin region of Colombia. Its design is very impressive as well. Even though separate volumes benefit from […]

Architecture Ideas For The World’s Cities

Industrial architecture is not usually known for their sophisticated designs and for the diversity of materials and finishes used in their creations. For example, few cities even offer areas with an industrial look. Yet there are plenty of examples of buildings that managed to spark the imagination and for good reason. In the world of […]

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