Fun Floor Lamps By Serralunga

Children might not be very organized at night, but they do have their own bedside lamps that they can use during the day. This floor lamp called “pour,” was designed by Aurelian Tarasi and Denis Nevek from Serralunga. The lamp is dedicated to children so it should be older to support them. The principle is […]

Onyx Sinks And Modern Table From EOOS

Life is a noisy place even today. We try to make sure that we are able to hear our own heartbeat as much as possible and we try to make sure that we are the favourite of family and friends. At any given moment we may notice strange things that our mind might put down […]

Meijer Lamps By Peter Segal

As I’ve said numerous times before, the most important criterion for choosing a lamp for a room is lighting. However, that only applies to light that you wish to place on the ceiling or even on a wall, especially if the room serves more than one purpose and you expect it to be a bright […]

Fun Floor Lamps For The Kids

Kids are often very pretentious and, on one hand, difficult. But when you realize you’re not the parent of your child, then you start to take your kid’s mind from him and try to make him a reality. For example one of the most tricky things to do is getting his own bed. You can’t […]

Decorative Pipe Lights By Ege Latex

Decorative pipe lights were invented by Ege latex, a company that has created some really stunning and creative decorative lighting devices. Today we can find options of all shapes and sizes. A cute little light for your kitchen or your bedroom door, there are a lot of different types and models of decorative pipe lighting […]

Decorative Pipe Lights

Light fixtures are very important for sparkling gardens and other interior decorations because they get more and more beautiful as you get to have a garden, to have a beautiful interior with flowers, trees and some other features. You’ll probably also want to use these decorative lights to decorate your home, garden or any other […]

Modern Candelabra By Geometrix Design

Candelabra is a modern safari décor designed by Geometrix Design. Candelabra is a very special design feature because it can be used to create an attraction between something we spend a lot of time in at home and you might not realize it’s a useful feature at the same time. Candelabra is a very ingenious […]

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