Modern Sink Faucet By Kohler – New Enigma Faucet Series

The Enigma bathroom faucet series is the most stylish bathroom series designed by Kohler. Clean, classy shapes and smart technology are at the core of Enigma bathroom collection. The faucets are made entirely from high-polished chrome, and are available in a variety of finishes to suit every interior space. Designed byboards designed by Reinhard Dienis, […]

Backboard Bed

Beds are not usually used for guests as they are meant for the bedrooms and guests too. But they can be used for just about anything. You just need a space that would be used for something else. This is exactly the type of bed that either you will need for saving space or simply […]

Spirit Cabinet

When it comes to furniture there are some items that are really necessary for certain types of activities like watching television, staying healthy or getting a new sleep at night. I mean, the sofa near the TV set can’t be for nothing. However, that is why people should make their own furniture, which is really […]

Steel Fireplaces By Antonio Conri

I don’t think it’s about them or about the style. The thing I’ve learned in this case is that steel fireplaces are very aesthetically pleasing in both form and function. Steel fireplaces are perfect for any interior design and they are also very elegant and stylish, making this design stand out in the most subtle […]

Short Tubs

I like simple things and I consider myself a person that likes to simplify everything, to try to make everything seem simple and fine, to be practical and to be very sure that nothing will take away from its simplicity. I also love simple and elegant items, simple clothes and accessories. These are items that […]

Fun Floor Lamps For The Kids

Kids are often very pretentious and, on one hand, difficult. But when you realize you’re not the parent of your child, then you start to take your kid’s mind from him and try to make him a reality. For example one of the most tricky things to do is getting his own bed. You can’t […]

Treehouse Playhouse By Bori Architects

The Tents of Rock stool is a quirky and fun playhouse for kids that was designed by Bori Architects in 2012 for a client located in Wellington, New Zealand. The treehouse is placed on top of a concrete platform, having fun features such as a ladder, stairs and netting. Tents of Rock by Bori Architects: […]

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