Grey Wood Tile Bathroom Flooring By B-G Tragata

The flooring used to complete this grey wooden deck by Italian company B-G Tragata , called “Scandinavian Design”.The T-shaped wooden flooring uses a combination of white and walnut in order to obtain an elegant and simple look, perfect for any modern and simple bathroom. It’s an area that combines the beauty of such striking and […]

Pictures Of Tiled Showers With Glass Doors

Even though the shower is an important part of every bathroom, the bathroom needs to be decorated differently and the interior design has to be specifically created so that the user can relax and completely get a calm and tranquil atmosphere as the water temperature near the tiled surfaces prevents him from reaching that sometimes. […]

Sunken Bathtub – White Marble Sink

Bathrooms are usually very simple in terms of interior design. They have minimalist decors and usually white ceilings. This is the main color used and it’s also a color that has a strong influence on the designers and architects of a great literary. Today we’re going to take a look at a sink that has […]

Children Bathroom Luxury

The “Jens” line is well known and liked by some and not all. Jens is actually the name of the luxury line that SDA was manufacturing when they made the “Collection O by G notoriouslyson} and it consists of a stylish children’s room, toilet and sink. The box comes in different finish options and is […]

Carbon Fiber Bathtub From Altea

Bathtubs nowadays are mainly designed to be very comfortable, pleasant, relaxing and comfortable. People prefer different types of bathtubs made of various materials that they can self- contract. However, some of the most appreciated designers were Antonio Lupi, who designed these modern beds. Altea is one of the companies which you can find also offering […]

Creative Bathroom Ideas From Delpha

If you are bored with your old bathroom ideas and are trying a makeover, you may do just that and the idea will be instantly better. For me this bathroom was simply the best one I have ever seen. For such a simple reason it was a total waste of space to construct something that […]

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