Italian Lamps By The Godfather

The Italian designer Gio Ponti’s house is an architectural wonder. The living room has no doubt about how high the ceiling can go. Everyone wants to have just a normal living room, but with all the furniture those inside will feel like crazy beings. With an astonishing ceiling and 8 beds, two dinning suits, four […]

Grey Bathroom Designs With A Modern Twist

Bathroom tiles, just like any other surface, are usually pretty simple and lacking detail. However, if you can’t avoid making them look simple and gave them a chic twist, then how many other ways out there as well? gray, like a strong color that’s often perceived as boring or boring is an excellent shade. If […]

Kitchen Black Cabinets

This is the kitchen of the Swedish Minotti. It’s part of the Kitchens Collection by Sophisto and it was designed for both residential and commercial sites. It features clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. It’s a minimalist but very functional kitchen that was designed with only the basics in mind. Sophisto were the ones who […]

Cabinet Designs For Kitchen

The kitchen is a space that needs to feel welcoming and warm, so it’s very important to provide as much interaction and storage space as possible, without too many decorations. That means that the furniture needs to be as functional or as small as possible, without too many details. In the case of a kitchen, […]

Formal Sofas By Omer Arbel

The two main furniture pieces are usually the sofa and the bed. However, sometimes the sofa doesn’t have the role of serving as a bed. But if it does, then it’s a lot more beautiful than the sofa and it’s a lot more comfortable. For example, a convertible sofa would be perfect for this purpose. […]

Japanese Bath Tub By Verticale

In Japan there’s never enough space and space is affected by everything that has to happened in the already congested spaces. Architects created houses with a bit more space and time and need to do more with it so a bathroom is created in an unused corner of the house. But, there you have it, […]

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