Images Of Modern Houses By Christopher Polly Architect

A notable trend is the use of minimalist, neutral color schemes that are expertly described by Christopher Polly Architect as “the soul of South Africa”. The image comes from a private residence in Johannesburg, South Africa, located just in strip within the cultivated landscape of Yackagawa. The stunning contemporary architecture rises to a monumental ceiling […]

Images Of Modern Houses By Ibarst Studio

Ibarst Studio is an international architectural studio known for its inclination towards minimalist and contemporary designs, always staying true to a client’s vision for a client’s dream. The studio works with mass-produced residential materials such as timber, plastic, PVC vinyl or steel. The architectural framing is softened with low-e wrapings and precision designed details. It […]

Japanese Floor Plan

The Jain series by Jain is one of the latest trends in interiors. Jain is a very innovative series of seating furniture that was designed with a large emphasis on comfort and the court. The seating is very sturdy and graceful but also quite rugged. The concept is quite appealing and a little intimidating because […]

California House Plans By Pfunpán Arquitectos

From Australia to New Zealand this house was designed by Pfunpán Arquitectos. The inspiration is New Zealand based artist, artist Melissa Lizarraga and designer Jean-Marie Massaud. This unique project was conceived to combine three residential units in a beautiful loft near to the central business district of Pinheiros, Brazil. Designed with low profile spaces for […]

L Shaped House Plans With Courtyard

The L House is a beautiful house located in Sydney, Australia. It was completed in 2010 and it covers an area of 4,413 sqft. The construction was started in 2007. The house sits on what is currently known as the harbour Huram, near Sydney Harbour. It was a project by Birgitte Pearce completed in 2008. […]

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