Resort Style House In San Juan Cosala, Mexico

This house is located in San Juan Cosala Beach, Jalisco, Mexico and was designed by LKM Arquitectos + Aguilar Arquitectos and Pitsou Kato-Díezo. It covers a total ground area of 1,000 square meters and it features a simple and modern structure. White walls, floors and ceilings and give the house a weathered look. The construction […]

Cool Big Houses With Incredible Architecture

Architectural designs are always intriguing. Whether you’re only working with small rooms or you decide to add a big one to your own home, there’s no better place for it, especially when you actually have a lot of interesting to take inspiration from. An architecturally-designed house will always look breathtaking and will offer great architectural […]

Eco Friendly Resorts Around East Hampton

Here’s yet another wonderful resort that can be found in East Hampton, New York. It was a project bygatehouse. The resort’s owners decided to adopt a sustainable strategy when purchasing the land. Also, they agreed to use natural building materials and waste to produceago typical English town. The waste generated was used in the building […]

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