Ultra Modern Mansion In Singapore

Every time a new mansion is built, there are certain elements that are always present and that make the house unique. One of those elements is the fact that there are almost all the original architectural and design features. The house for now located in Singapore is an unusual mansion but, on the outside, there […]

Prefab Dome House In Prague

The dome house is located in Prague, Czech Republic, in an igloo mechanism, at the top of a mountain. The project was completed in collaboration with Made in Chicago. The dome house allowed designers to create a barn-like environment, where the atmosphere is reminiscent of a barn-house or of the New York loft we see […]

Circular Homes For Unusual Lovers

The circular house is the smallest and most common of all modern homes. It consists of two undulating and rectangular sections that are linked together by an axis. The homes are designed by architect Jonathan Olivares who in collaboration with the owners created some of the original works as well as the appliances and fixtures. […]

The Pool Lounge From Lago El Mare

Everyone likes to relax and have fun, even if it’s just for a few minutes. We’re having this wonderful experience while enjoy a nice romantic walk during our vacation. It’s what the designers from Lago El Mare had in mind. Lago El Mare is a creative studio with a holistic design and specializes in luxury […]

Fancy Mansion Connected To The Pool

Luxury homes are usually built with luxury fixtures and fittings, and they are connected to the house. This mansion for sale we are talking about is one of them. The residence is located in connected by a bridge to a Victorian terrace in Marbella, Spain. It was built in 2010 by the architect Jorge Jaoll, […]

Luxury Home Design In Australia

As a guest, you can’t overlook the true beauty of a beautiful and luxurious hotel. So, why not have a piece of luxury in your home and enjoy it and feel amazing being there, in the company of your family. This modern and elegant $3 million house got his “nest” in a very beautiful location. […]

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