Pictures Of Tiled Showers With Glass Doors

Even though the shower is an important part of every bathroom, the bathroom needs to be decorated differently and the interior design has to be specifically created so that the user can relax and completely get a calm and tranquil atmosphere as the water temperature near the tiled surfaces prevents him from reaching that sometimes. […]

Shower Tub Combination By Antonio Lupi

Many years ago, the old and the new were the concepts of bathroom and it is only now the attractive combinations and designs that succeed to create a desire of everyone. They have created an attractive space which has space for all sorts of objects, colors, furniture and styles. Antonio Lupi is said to have […]

Carbon Fiber Bathtub From Altea

Bathtubs nowadays are mainly designed to be very comfortable, pleasant, relaxing and comfortable. People prefer different types of bathtubs made of various materials that they can self- contract. However, some of the most appreciated designers were Antonio Lupi, who designed these modern beds. Altea is one of the companies which you can find also offering […]

Japanese Bath Tub By Verticale

In Japan there’s never enough space and space is affected by everything that has to happened in the already congested spaces. Architects created houses with a bit more space and time and need to do more with it so a bathroom is created in an unused corner of the house. But, there you have it, […]

Japanese Ofuro Tubs

A Japanese tub is something that every person would like to have in their home, in waiting that they would like to see when they go out and end each day somewhere. And since modern technology has opened up our sights and vision, we can now see that our bedroom and bathtub are no longer […]

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