Modern Sink Faucet By Kohler – New Enigma Faucet Series

The Enigma bathroom faucet series is the most stylish bathroom series designed by Kohler. Clean, classy shapes and smart technology are at the core of Enigma bathroom collection. The faucets are made entirely from high-polished chrome, and are available in a variety of finishes to suit every interior space. Designed byboards designed by Reinhard Dienis, […]

Lacava Sink Faucet By Alexander Giray

Although it is sometimes the most important material in a kitchen, for the bathroom and basically also for the kitchen backsplash, sometimes the attention falls on another object that is almost always the toilet: the tap. The modern idea of modern kitchen faucets and sinks is their sleek and minimalist designs that doesn’t make use […]

Picture Ideas For Wall Shelves

The wall shelves are a simple and very easy alternative to the regular design and can be used in more than one way. For example, a simple shelf can be used to display books, decorations, sconces and all sorts of other things. Also, a wall shelf can be built from a table and it can […]

Lacava Faucets

I have learned a thing or two in the last few years and I really enjoyed this one, which is called “the lacava faucet”. It is available in many shapes and colors and looks amazing, no matter why you use it. I honestly don’t know what to choose because it looks so interesting and interesting, […]

Small Urinal By Eleek

A limited edition event from Copenhagen Design Week was just presented this year at the Danish Design Accreditation 2008. The award for best small bathroom in the magazine was given to a series of mosaic mirrors which used an extremely innovative method of glazing. The innovative technique of glazed glass represents the “sweet tooth” of […]

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