Storage Cubicle By Morten Dalia

Cabinets are always a choice for our families. But when there are only two or three closets in a house it becomes difficult to decide on a practical storage unit. So when the same storage space exists in every corner of the house, it’s easier to either get practical storage or to decorate it with […]

Children Bathroom Luxury

The “Jens” line is well known and liked by some and not all. Jens is actually the name of the luxury line that SDA was manufacturing when they made the “Collection O by G notoriouslyson} and it consists of a stylish children’s room, toilet and sink. The box comes in different finish options and is […]

Open Closet System By Rocker Pulley

Closets and closets were usually larger than they present today. Then they just had a spiral staircase, more like a traditional staircase that suited the area but that wasn’t really innovative and modern. Now there are simpler things to do. However, even though the days have changed and everybody was modern, this simpler thing still […]

Blue And White Backsplash Design Ideas

The modern kitchen is not exactly the best place for a simple color like black or white but it often can be if the rest of the décor is in sync with this particular color. The AIA Grandma decided to give the kitchen a cheerful and warm look and color combinations were very popular. The […]

Looking For Beds In Your House? How To Do That?

If you are looking for a smart and convenient looking bed then there are two options to choose from. The most important and most important thing to consider is the size of your bed. This will determine how much room you have for the ergonomics of your bed. Look at the bed industry standard specifications […]

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