Teal Accent Decor With Stripes

One of the most common and loved in the interior décor world is the association between patterns and colors. It’s mostly because it’s such a common and versatile material. However, stripes, if they can be used with sophisticated flair and obtain a strong effect, it’s even better. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

Wooden Cat Bed With Sliding Inside Storage

Storage is very important, especially for your pets. You might not realize but you have a lot of clothes and toys in the house and this is what usually keeps your little ones occupied. But there’s also another matter which needs to be solved: storage. You need to have a place for your pet’s toys. […]

Island Pantry

We all dream about the way in which we arrange things in our houses, after choosing the models and the colors and other details. Sometimes this is wish, other times it’s true. When it comes to pantries, sometimes the only way to solve this problem is making the furniture part of the kitchen and not […]

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