Awesome Shower Caddies By Australian Company Air Design

Shower caddies are highly appreciated for their functionality. They are very useful, especially in large bathrooms. A shower caddy is made of several small rinsing trays, each with its own function. However, the Neibert Aqua shower caddy offers a unique style, featuring a geometric design yet maintaining simplicity and pure lines. It was designed by […]

Night Stand Modern Tilt

Every little boy dreams of having his very own place just like some do. Whether you picture the future in a Picasso with four young man or one with an ambitious entrepreneur, the goal is always to use objects and new things in your house. This Tilt concept from Tonon is the perfect thing for […]

Writing Desk Small Desk For Kids

If you live in a small home and your work space is even reduced to just that, you will be forced to think only about having a minimal place where you can work. But if you have enough space for a small computer station, then you should choose the right designer because you don’t need […]

Glass Drink Containers By Studio GUM

These fun and functional cups function as both organizers and as fun décor elements. They make great vases, beautiful candle holders, stylish vases, ice stinks, decorative trays and whatever combination of colors and patterns you come up with with. As for the design, it can either be simple or very complex. Whatever the case is, […]

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