Pictures Of Fire Pits

Summer is already here and it will take anywhere from 2 – 3 weeks to a couple of weeks to come back from their soot filled basement. If you think that you know how to use fire in your decorating, keep reading our selection of pictures of fire pits. 1. The Cabinetry Table. Cabinetry Tables […]

Corner Jetted Bathtub By Stinessen

If you are looking for a tub in a white color to make it pop, a place to put all your bathroom necessities or just the basics – and it will be totally fun to bathe in. The jetted bathtub by Stinessen are exactly what they ask for. Perfectly decorated with chrome, the bathtub will […]

Sonic Showers – Shower Head Features

The shower head is mostly used for technical purposes but this doesn’t mean it can’t be turned on. There are many different types of showers. They differ in terms of design because of their functionality but they also all look equally beautiful. Thesonic shower head is one of the most ingenious and stylish ones we’ve […]

Submerged Fire Pit By Steve Shaheen

Contrary to the common belief, fire pits are not very common in Canada and for good reason. Canada is home to a multitude of traditional fire pits, some of which date back to the late 19th century and some still in use. It’s also the location that is in great need of major attention. The […]

Super Mansions By Michael P. Johnson

If you like plants, take a look at this building designed by Michael P. Johnson. Located on a vineyard Estate in rural Wisconsin, this beautiful building has preserved its exterior charm with its modern lines and overall look. It’s a super private home with an architectural beauty. It’s a super private home with an interior […]

Acrylic Wood Table

This is the Solo Table, a wooden table made from a single block of oak wood. Due to its clear finish, the table is completely white, except for the fact that the bottom is angled slightly. The piece was designed by Matt Sirka and is now available in a wide variety of shapes, styles and […]

Electronic Faucets From Leicht

Chic, discreet, stylish and flexible, the LE200 from Leicht is one of the most flexible and adaptable electronic faucets to sit in your kitchen. Just picture this: a drip control, temperature settings, a button location, and very safe and simple in the same time. This electronic faucet needs almost no installation. All you need to […]

What Is A Rain Shower?

Rain showers refer to any shower instruments that are used to shower one’s shower or bathtub area. Rain showers can also be used to shower bathrooms, kitchens or toilets.Rain showers can also be installed at the guest’s table , in the hallway or at the airport. Rain showers can be used to shower guests at […]

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